About Us

My name is Jas Sihota, CEO & founder of California Nut Oil Milling Company.


I' would like to share a little bit about our company. We are based in the heart of California in the central valley where 90% of the world's almonds are grown. We have grown almonds for 15 years.  Recently we have set up a state of the art Almond oil cold pressing facility with German technology to produce the best cold pressed almond oil available in the market. We can guarantee you a consistent quality & supply of 100% pure refined & unrefined Bulk Sweet Almond oil throughout the year thanks to our farming operation. 




California Nut Oil Milling facility
Mr. Rocco
Almond Bloom
Almond Bloom
Sunset at Almond Bloom
Green Almonds
Almonds read to harvest
Harvest time
Almond Storage for Milling